Strawberry Cultivation

Strawberry Cultivation Although the fruiting season for strawberries is over, September is an important time in the strawberry calendar. Early autumn is the traditional time to plant new plants that have been raised from runners earlier in the summer. The … Читать далее →


  Basil Distribution: homeland of a basil – The southern Asia, however in the run wild state it grows today in subtropics of Asia, America, Africa and in the Mediterranean. The main producers of this culture are France, Italy, Bulgaria, … Читать далее →


  Anise Distribution: the homeland of an anise is the Middle East and islands of east part of the Mediterranean. As an agricultural plant it is grown up in South and Central America, Lebanon, India, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Turkey and … Читать далее →

Vegetables – Tomatoes

  Tomatoes Family nightshade family. Tomatoes (tomatoes) — one of the most tasty and useful vegetable cultures which is deservedly enjoying love not only of housewives, but also gardeners. • Requirements to the soil. Sandy and loamy soils with рН … Читать далее →

Vegetables – Carrots

Carrots Family umbrella. The biannual plant, is especially appreciated the high content of the carotene which is transformed in a human body to vitamin A and also a set of other useful substances. Valuable dietary product. • Requirements to the … Читать далее →


  Cabbage Family cruciferae family. Cabbage is considered the most ancient of cultural vegetable plants. Now about 100 of its types are known, many of which include a large number of grades. The most known and traditional is the look … Читать далее →