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Flowerpots, balcony flower boxes, tubs in a garden and, certainly, a garden are suitable for independent cultivation of aromatic herbs. Upon purchase of seeds it is necessary to pay attention to that they were fresh. There are annual, biannual and long-term aromatic herbs. Annual spicy plants need to be sowed or planted anew in the form of seedling every spring (some types sow also in the fall). These plants in 12 months pass all cycle of the development: the stalk with leaves, flowers, and then fruits (seeds) then plants die off is formed. A typical annual spicy plant is the cucumber grass, or бораго.

Biannual spicy plants blossom and form fruits only for the second year after landing. After this plant slowly die off. Very often from such plants it is possible to receive quality greens (leaves) up to the first autumn frosts. The typical representative of this group of aromatic herbs is parsley.
At perennial spicy plants in the fall or at the beginning of winter only an elevated part dies off, and the root system remains viable and after the wintering in the earth gives new sprouts next spring. This process can continue for many years. Long-term spicy herbs, such, for example, as a melissa, it is possible to make multiple copies much more we lie in the way, namely division of a bush or layers.

 Cultivation in flowerpots

The majority of spicy herbs can be grown up without any problems in flowerpots. The only condition for this purpose is light, however the place protected from direct sunshine. Besides, it is not recommended to put flowerpots with the aromatic herbs planted in them directly on radiators of central heating. Most often there are quite enough flowerpots with a diameter of 10 cm. They have to be clay with an opening in day. Also the good drainage is very important for aromatic herbs.

As substrate it is possible to use the ordinary garden soil, however to buy in specialized shops ready mix for houseplants much better. Crops of seeds is made in the spring or in the fall. Seeds are closed up to the earth on depth of 2-3 cm. Earth mix should not be neither excessively crude, nor dry.

The dry earth needs to be humidified even before crops sel4yan and the second time after seeds are sowed. It is especially simple to grow up aromatic herbs from young plants. Such seedling after purchase needs to be replaced from small plastic pots in usual flower clay pots. This operation can be made, as well as crops of seeds, in the spring or in the fall.
Basil, a chaber, the cucumber grass, fennel, a tarragon, a chervil, a lyubistok, a marjoram, parsley, rosemary, a sage, shnitt-onions and a thyme excellently grow in small flowerpots.

 Cultivation on a balcony
If you have a balcony or a loggia, then pots with spicy herbs can be taken out for the summer on fresh air or to replace plants directly in balcony flower boxes. However, the majority of aromatic herbs badly grows on the balconies coming to the South because of direct sunshine in midday hours owing to what plants overheat. Are adverse for cultivation of aromatic herbs as well the balconies subject to negative impacts of the polluted environment for example taking to the streets with brisk traffic.

Cultivation in a garden.
Choice of the place
If you want to grow up successfully aromatic herbs in the garden, then from the very beginning it is necessary to obtain information on those requirements in culture which show different types of plants. The majority of spicy plants best of all grows on open solar places though, certainly, there are also such types which feel in a penumbra much better. The cucumber grass, a tarragon or a lyubistok concern the last, for example. For this reason it is recommended to break several beds with spicy herbs in various corners of a garden. Usually preparation of beds under crops of aromatic herbs is made in the fall or at the beginning of spring. At the same time the garden soil either is dug over, or processed a chopper. Then choose as hands all stones and delete as it is possible more carefully roots of weeds.

As for care of the spicy herbs growing in a garden, the basic here – full refusal of use of chemical means of protection of plants. If you are going to use greens of fresh spicy herbs in food, then in this case it is necessary to exclude completely any protective measures at which direct contact with plants is made. For this reason it is necessary to delete whenever possible in due time struck leaves, stalks and tops of escapes.
For fight against slugs and snails it is recommended to use the special traps which are not polluting the environment.
If on your beds there were earth flea beetles, then mulching of a surface of the soil or regular plentiful watering as these insects wreckers breed in weight only in very dry soil will help to fight with them. Those species of spicy herbs which can be surprised mealy dew should be landed far away from each other that leaves after a rain could dry out quickly.
In general the mixed landing of different types of spicy herbs or the mixed cultivation (for example, spicy herbs and vegetable cultures) considerably reduces the probability of defeat of plants insects wreckers and diseases. However some species of pryanoaromatichesky plants do not transfer the neighbourhood with each other at all as, for example, caraway seeds and a chervil.


Bed with aromatic herbs
When landing spicy herbs to beds first of all it is necessary to watch that the low or rather slowly growing types, for example: the basil, parsley, a marjoram and a thyme — would not be muffled by the high or quickly growing pryanoaromatichesky plants, such as lyubistok, fennel and tarragon. For this reason tall species of spicy herbs it is always necessary to have behind less high. Before breakdown of beds it is recommended to draw a detailed plan of landing of plants.

Such plan will allow you in the presence on the site one – and biannual spicy herbs to receive a harvest more or less evenly during all vegetative period Besides, careful planning of landings will help to avoid further an excessive zagushchennost of adult plants that can have an adverse effect on their development.
In addition it is necessary to take care also of sufficient protection of plants against wind.

The good microclimate on beds with spicy herbs can be received if to land in close proximity a green hedge from beans or sunflower. However, in this case it is necessary to pay attention to that the bed was not in a shadow. The bed form with spicy herbs depends only on your imagination, on that free area of a garden which you have. It can be a peculiar labyrinth from spicy plants or slightly raised job, the low hill, the hill or the most usual high bed. With spicy herbs the North-South is the best of all to orient all beds in the direction.

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