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No, perhaps, a kitchen garden where carrots would not be grown up. Advantages of this root crop are known.

Unfortunately, there is not always an opportunity to buy seeds in shop. We do not advise to buy seeds from casual persons as there is no guarantee in their high quality. Besides, it is difficult to distinguish seeds of some cultures. Can happen so that instead of cabbage on your kitchen garden swede, instead of a garden radish radish, and instead of table beet — sugar will grow.

In recent years many gardeners including the author of these lines, began to grow up seeds on the site. It is simple to make it.

During cleaning (before frosts) select healthy, large root crops weighing 80 — 100 grams, cut off leaves, leaving scapes of 1 — 1.5 cm. Then they are placed at once in a cellar, fell, a vegetable storehouse, and some even store in specially dug sandy holes or leave during cleaning towards the winter in the soil on a bed several matochnik, having dug on depth of 25 — 30 centimeters.

In the spring root crops take out from storage, before landing carefully check, leaving only healthy, well remained.

Having selected 3 — 4 matochnik (there is hardly a need to grow up more for needs of one site) with the grown grade head Nantes,
Шантенэ or others, land along with landing of onions, fennel, a garden radish on the fertile, well filled with humus or organo-mineral mix warm site.

For preservation of a grade it is necessary to put either one, or other grade as carrots cross pollinating culture.

Leaving consists in weeding, watering and loosening of the soil. For the vegetative period carry out two-three loosening and watering (in rainy summer do without watering), and weeding — in process of emergence of weeds. Testicles feed up during growth by dung water (diluting in the ratio 1:5), and before blossoming introduce phosphoric and potash fertilizers, on 10 — 15 grams under a plant.

Carrots stalks strongly expand. That they did not break from strong wind, around bushes do a fence. It is possible to tie up
stalks to stakes.

To accelerate maturing of seeds, it is necessary to delete (to pasynkovat) all not blossomed (pozdnotsvetushchy) umbrellas, leaving 10 — 15 on a bush.
This work begins to be carried out approximately since the end of July.

Carrots seeds usually ripen not at the same time — at first in the central umbrellas, and then and in others.
Therefore move away them selectively. When at the bulk of umbrellas green coloring disappears, testicles remove completely. In a week
after cleaning seeds generally ripen, then thresh them, and finally clean on lattices.

Carrots seeds after the thresh fray hands for removal of shipik.

From each plant it is possible to receive 20 — 25 grams of seeds. This quantity is enough to sow 50 square meters of a kitchen garden.

I. Votyakov

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